Terms of Reference: Have Your Say

The HIV Commission is calling for individuals to have their say on how to achieve no new HIV transmissions by 2030. 

Through this call, the HIV Commission is seeking to gather evidence, new ideas, personal stories and others, to inform a set of recommendations to end new HIV transmissions and HIV-attributed deaths in England by 2030.  

All submissions will be compiled and presented to members of the HIV Commission for consideration. When a new topic and idea is presented, the commission will further enquire about it via their advisory group and published evidence.  

All personal contact details supplied to the commission will be removed before publication. However, personal contact details will be retained by the HIV Commission and used for specific purposes relating to the commission’s work, for instance to seek additional information or to send copies of the final report.  

When you provide a submission via the ‘Have Your Say’ section of the HIV Commission website, you grant the commission the right to publish and copy it on our digital platforms (website and social media) and offline products (reports), and to edit it if the language is offensive, obscene, indecent or insensitive, or for any other legitimate editorial reason. If you do not want your submission published, please indicate this before sending it to the commission. 

Your name and any other name mentioned in your submission may be changed at the HIV Commission’s sole discretion in order to keep anonymity. The HIV Commission also reserves the right to not publish any submission. 

By providing us with your personal submission, you confirm that: 

  • the submission is yours and that you have the right to share it and to give us permission to use it 
  • all information contained in your submission is accurate 
  • you are giving the HIV Commission permission to publish all or any portion of it on our website (and other related platforms, such as social media), our final report and to edit it 
  • is not defamatory or discriminatory 
  • does not infringe any copyright or other intellectual property right of any other person 
  • is not likely to deceive any person 
  • does not breach any legal duty owed to a third party (for example, a duty to keep something confidential) 

Your submission should be as brief and informative as possible. You have the option to uploaded it electronically via www.hivcommission.org.uk/have-your-say/ as a single document. Neither printed nor mailed submissions will be accepted by the commission. If you require additional support, please contact [email protected]  

Your submissions should not exceed 1500 words (if written), be more than 5 minutes in length if provided in an audio or video format or exceed 5Mb in file size. 

This is a public call for submissions. Please bring it to the attention of other groups and individuals who may not have received the information.