As part of their engagement and consultation strategy, the HIV Commission will call for different sources of evidence to inform its thinking. This will help inform commissioners on the development of evidence-based recommendations to be published in a final report by Spring 2020. 

  • Written submissions [closed]: to ask community members, academics, civil society, bodies that represent citizens and professionals, businesses of all sizes including start-ups, and others for written evidence submissions
  • Evidence hearings [open]: a series of regional workshops to serve as a platform for commissioners to directly engage with community members and get deeper understanding on key areas
  • Have Your Say [open]: aiming to collect the view and experiences of people across England through an online portal
  • Advisory group evidence papers [ongoing]: a series of thematic evidence papers will be prepared by the Advisory Group and will form part of the evidence collated to support and inform the Commission’s deliberations. They aim to provide a brief summary the key issues related to ending HIV transmission and opportunities for enhanced action

Members of the HIV Commission receive additional evidence during their meetings. This includes reports, oral presentations, data and statistics, information on studies, and other relevant evidence requested by commissioners. More information on commissioners meetings can be found in the resources section of this website.