Call for Written Evidence to close on the 31st January 2020

The HIV Commission is asking individuals and organisations to submit written evidence in order to inform a set of recommendations to end new HIV transmissions and HIV-attributed deaths in England by 2030. 

The HIV Commission

The HIV Commission is an independent process established by Terrence Higgins Trust and NAT (National AIDS Trust) to find ambitious and achievable ways to end new HIV transmissions and HIV-attributed deaths in England by 2030​.

Both organisations will use their convening power to combine the expertise and resources of new and existing cross sector partners to end HIV transmissions in England at greater speed.

It will do a national call for written and oral evidence, host regional community engagement events, write a report, and produce recommendations.  ​The HIV Commission will run between August 2019 and March 2020. Recommendations will be published during Spring 2020.​

To deliver a set of ambitious and achievable recommendations to end new HIV transmissions in England by 2030​.
To maximise level of support from public and key stakeholders needed to successfully deliver a plan​.
To be an independent process that promotes the delivery of an effective government action plan for ending new
HIV transmissions by 2030.

​We will take four key steps:

Why a commission?

A commission is a tried and tested model for influencing change that creates an opportunity to collaborate and work strategically across stakeholders to achieve a common goal of ending new HIV transmissions.​

It brings a level of independence from government, statutory bodies and providers in order to challenge preconceptions and bureaucracy. ​

It is an opportunity to draw a group of senior leaders from different sectors, including technology, wider public health, and media to bring a fresh perspective to HIV prevention. They will bring new voices, skills and expertise to bring responsibilities across society.

“We have a unique opportunity to end new HIV transmission in England. We will develop evidence-based recommendations to make this happen within a decade.”

—  Dame Inga Beale, Chair of HIV Commission

Join Us

Register your interest in the HIV Commission, and help us deliver real change. We’ll be in touch soon about how you can get involved.